Creative and Professional Garden Design in Wilmslow to Delight You

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Garden Design in Wilmslow For a garden design in Wilmslow that will thrill and delight you, remember the experts. We’re a family run garden design and landscape company. Passionate about gardens, and all things related to gardens, we believe that a garden should bring you both pleasure and joy. Our years of experience in garden design and landscaping ensure that we can design the garden you have always dreamed of. T doesn’t matter what the size of your available space, we can design a garden that is bespoke to your requirement. From a large commercial property to a small rooftop garden, we have the skill, passion and creativity to create a garden design that meets your exact specifications.

Always dreamed of a cottage garden? In Wilmslow, garden design can incorporate the traditional elements of a cottage garden with a modern flair. Or perhaps you would prefer a garden that has different features such as seating, water features, paving and more? Whatever your taste or design idea, we can assist in creating a perfect garden design. We will visit your property to see the amount of available space. We’ll discuss your requirements and ideas. After this we can create a drawing of your new proposed garden design. The drawing will indicate all the main features in your new garden. It may include some construction drawings, along with plantings suggestions, as well as artists impressions of focal points. Naturally, any changes you would like can be included or adjusted on the drawing.  Once your drawing is approved and you are completely satisfied, we can begin with the project.

Garden design in Wilmslow is a bespoke service. No two gardens are identical, and each garden is designed according to the owner’s specific requirements. If you are planning on creating a new garden and need assistance with professional garden design, contact Butler Landscapes today. We are an award winning team and take great pride in our professional and dedicated garden design service. We’ve assisted many homeowners with garden creation that makes their dream garden a reality. Speak to us today for an affordable quote for your new garden design.



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