Landscape Design in Cheshire – Unique and Personalised

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Landscape Design in Cheshire Create unique landscape design in Cheshire with a little help from the specialists. Butler Landscapes can make your garden dreams come true. We also provide bespoke designs for large grounds projects, maintenance and construction services. We are proud to be winners of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal several times. As the leading horticultural specialists in the Shropshire Cheshire border areas, our skills are in demand beyond these regions as well. Ours is a family run business, and our team comprises highly-trained, qualified professionals in garden design and landscape design.

For homeowners in Cheshire, landscape design is rarely a job for the average DIY enthusiast. No matter how passionate and skilled you are in gardening itself, the design elements may not be in your area of expertise. Often, home gardeners get overwhelmed by the ideas and choices available. You may also have certain ideas about lighting, accessories and seating arrangements. The spatial aspects must also be considered. Another important factor is to determine the real needs and wants of all those who would use the space. Children would require play areas, while seniors would want comfortable seating and safety. You may be interested in growing exotic plants, vegetables or herbs, while someone else would love a visual treat of flowering plants. There are also different style traditions such as Oriental, Western, formal, English country and more.

When we undertake landscape design in Cheshire, we make it a point to understand the amount of maintenance required. The location is also important because plants need different types of sunlight – strong or filtered, at various times of the year. We also choose a focal point around which to design the garden. This could be a magnificent old tree, a charming brick wall, water body or even an unusual sculpture or rock. Design also revolves around scale and arrangement. Variations in shape, colour and texture add character and beauty. Ultimately, it’s about finding your own individual sense of beauty and style and our design team only helps to facilitate this. Contact Butler Landscapes for more information on our services and products. We’ll help you create your perfect garden.



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