Driveways & Paving

Butler Landscapes can offer a range of services to re-vamp or create new driveways. This is where first impressions are made and an area that we excel in. With a wide range of products available on the market these days we work with a large range of suppliers offering everything from paved to gravel electric […]

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Contemporary Garden

Contemporary Gardens draw on modern ideas of style, and are often a reflection of the architecture of the house to which they belong. This style suits a lot of new homes, although it should be remembered that many new homes hark backwards for their design inspiration, hence the proliferation of red tiled porches, complex roof

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Cottage Garden

A Cottage Garden is a distinct style that uses informal design, traditional materials, dense plantings, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. English in origin, it depends on grace and charm rather than grandeur and formal structure.  Traditional roses, with their full fragrance and lush foliage, continue to be a cottage garden mainstay —

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Large Gardens

Large Gardens really allow us to get our creative juices flowing. There are so many options open to a large garden that we really try and find out from the client what their requirements are from the garden. Balancing the customers requirements with practicality and time are the three main factors.

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Water Features

Water features are always a great way to add interest to the garden. With the wildlife they draw in and the additional interest and noises they create that had really add a lot to a space.  Even a simple water basin or birdbath can become an attractive garden feature. We have had the pleasure of

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Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop Gardens can be a fantastic space to create a little area of heaven and watch the world below. We created this garden for a customer that wanted a contemporary rooftop garden to relax in with bright hints if orange furniture drawing your eye into the detail.

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Courtyards are a great space to have fun with your creativity. Green labyrinths, stone paths, small ponds, fountains and colorful flowers, are all the elements with which you can play with when designing your garden. After all, there is nothing better than enjoying the fresh morning surrounded by your own green haven, or to enjoy in

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Small Gardens

Using space intelligently is the key to making a small garden work; seats that double up as storage, wall-mounted flower pots or herb planters and even folding furniture will all help free up precious square-footage. Likewise, mirrors designed specifically for outdoor use will go even further, creating the illusion of space where there simply isn’t

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