Pond Restoration

An existing pond which required restoring through treatment of removing excess sediment and enhancing natural elements to enable the client to explore and enjoy their garden to its full potential. The area was very uncared for and required a new lease of life.

Through creating a raised jetty, seating area and environmental enhancements the client can be taken on a journey to explore the garden and its beautiful grounds. Framing views and ecological improvements were also important within the design and construction stage of this project. Sensitive interventions to create a naturalistic environment were vital to make the landscape elements blend into the surrounding landscape and give a feeling of timelessness.

The design and restorative works have provided stunning framed views and improved access links to allow the users to be emersed in a naturalistic environment. Ecological enhancements to the existing pond have been a success and transformed the area into a thriving landscape for improved biodiversity. Other benefits include increasing the waterbody volume and depth which will in turn improve habitat creation. Our interventions have facilitated for more recreational and functional use of the area in the form of a raised jetty, bridge and restored weir. Views of the waterside are enhanced and now provide an enjoyable journey with stopping off points which can allow the user to spend quality time in the natural environment.

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