Top Garden Design in Bowdon Combines Aesthetics and Functionality

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Garden Design in Bowdon Our plans for garden design in Bowdon combine aesthetics and functionality. We are award-winning horticultural experts, with more than a quarter of a century’s experience. Our passion for gardens has been honed by the qualifications and training that we have. We provide services in all aspects of landscaping, project management, planting, design, and garden features. We approach every project, no matter how small or large, in a systematic fashion. Working closely with the client, our team can create unique design solutions to suit specific requirements. Some clients have a budget allocation, while others express a preference for certain kinds of plants, or a particular style. The available space, existing structures and trees, and the architectural style of the house are important factors.

Using such information, we can work out the best plan. In Bowdon, garden design begins with a site visit. You get the opportunity to share your own ideas. We then conduct a detailed survey of the space. This allows us to evaluate the size and aspect and make a note of the exact position, shape and size of existing features. We create a plan that incorporates these elements along with our own creative vision for your garden. You can see the result in a detailed plan drawn to scale. For a better idea, we provide artists’ impressions and planting suggestions. We ensure that this drawing remains flexible and subject to amendments.

A professionally designed and planned garden space, whether residential or commercial, gives a touch of class and neatness. This doesn’t mean a boring, cookie-cutter approach. All we do is channel your dream into practical solutions. The design helps to increase the health and growth of your plants with the right spacing and light. You get a garden that gives you viewing pleasure all the year-round. Property values and curb appeal are boosted, and every member of your family can enjoy the space in the way they want. Contact Butler Landscapes for assistance today. While gardening is a wonderful hobby, amateur gardeners may find the routine chores boring and exhausting. Hobby gardeners and DIY enthusiasts may not always work to a plan. Gardens grow in a random, if beautiful, fashion.



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