Trust Your Garden Design in Whitchurch to the Professionals

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Garden Design in Whitchurch Garden design in Whitchurch can bring order and symmetry to your outdoor space. Perhaps over the years you’ve planted a variety of different plants and now the result is a mix of some that are flourishing, some that have outgrown their space and others that never thrived. When we design your garden we consider all aspects. One of the most important is your own favourite plants and colours. The other aspect is the climate because native plants are more likely to thrive in the environment of their origin. We also evaluate your soil type and conditions and drainage capabilities in your garden. If soil type and drainage are not adequate, that would be our first task. Final results depend on nutrient supply and water.

Our garden designers will ask how much open space you want. Perhaps in Whitchurch, garden design for your family means a lot of open grass areas that is great for your children and pets. However, if you want low maintenance, we can design your garden with hardy shrubs and perennial flowering plants. E can design your garden around your favourite plants with the level of maintenance that suits you. Our company has been in business for over 25 years. During that time, we have completed many commercial and domestic projects, each diverse from the next. We are happy to design the garden that meets our clients’ requirements, large or small. Garden design and landscaping is our passion. Our clients’ 100% satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Garden design in Whitchurch is one of our many services. We have the experience and the knowledge to design any type of garden you desire. From small rooftop gardens to large country gardens, and everything in between, we can help.  We can also provide suggestions for different features you ant in your garden design.  Water features are very popular so you may want to consider that for your garden as well. Contact Butler Landscapes and let’s talk about your garden and how you want it to be. As we prepare the groundwork and choose our plants from healthy stock, your garden will grow and mature. You will have a beautiful, lasting retreat for your family home or an upscale welcome to your place of business.



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