Garden Design in Bowdon – for Your Best Outdoor Space

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Garden Design in Bowdon Professional garden design in Bowdon can boost your property value significantly. If you plan to rent, lease or sell, a well-maintained, healthy and attractive outdoor space is a huge asset. On the other hand if you’re a passionate garden enthusiast, you can get new design and landscaping ideas from our team. Your garden is truly a reflection of you, your lifestyle and your taste. We spend time talking to our clients to understand their unique requirements. You may have a clear idea of what your dream garden should look like. Or you may need more inputs from our designers. We work with you at every step of the way to ensure that you get the perfect design.

For your outside space in Bowdon, garden design is a blend of art, science and craft. Our award-winning experts are at your service. We have more than a quarter of a century’s experience in this sector. Our team keeps up with the latest trends, technology, products and innovations. This helps us to give our clients the best service. Clients appreciate our eye for detail, and our affordable rates. As a local, family-run business, we aim to build lasting relationships in the communities we serve. Whether you have a tiny patch of green in an urban setting, or a sprawling ground, we customize our services to suit. The main elements that we focus on are space and scale, texture, colour, harmony, seasonal variations, maintenance requirements. We can advise you on lighting, garden accessories, seating, water bodies and more.

While considering garden design in Bowdon, we would love to know if you have a wish-list. We also need to understand how you will use your garden. Seating, sunlight and shade, play areas for pets and children, boundaries, vegetable, herb or fruit gardens, flowers, succulents or exotic plants are some of the elements we have to consider in our design. Contact Butler Landscapes today for more information on our services. We can give you advice on soil composition, focal points and pathways that will make your garden the envy of your neighbours. Our services are available to both domestic and commercial clients.



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