Garden Design in Shawbury, Perfect for Your Lifestyle

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Garden Design in ShawburyIf you are looking for a stunning garden design in Shawbury, come to us. Professional garden designers can transform a pile of rocky soil into a lush oasis. Your garden design should suit your preference. If you want a colourful tropical garden experience or a calm green meadow, you should have it. With modern gardening technology, any yard can be turned into a beautiful garden. You can choose to have fresh turf, natural grass, exotic plants or fruit trees in your garden. You can also opt for low maintenance artificial grass or hire professional gardeners to maintain your lawn all year round.

We are the leading gardening experts in the North West. In Shawbury, our garden designs are tailored to each client’s needs and preferences. Our gardens are more than a place to grow plants. We create inspirational experiences that can stimulate your passions and creativity. Our gardens are sanctuaries from the busy city life. We design living spaces where you can escape to relax and connect with nature. Well-designed gardens are known to create a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity. Taking care of your garden also has therapeutic effects. If you have children, we can install special features such as play areas and a sun house for them to enjoy.

We believe that our garden design in Shawbury should provide both functional and aesthetic value to your lifestyle. A garden should not become a new burden in your life. As such, our garden designers visit you at your site before making any drawings or plans. If you would like to know more about our garden design process, call Butler Landscapes today. We take time to get to know you and understand your dream and passion.  Our passion is to bring your dream garden to reality. As such, we offer support services to enhance your garden experience. If you have a busy schedule and need help caring for your garden, we can manage the entire project and provide maintenance services at affordable rates. Yet, if you are hands-on and want to do the garden yourself, we can provide a detailed garden design and planting plan to guide you.



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