Landscaper in Shropshire, Efficient and Highly Effective

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Landscaper in ShropshireGet your garden and grounds summer-ready with help from our expert landscaper in Shropshire. We have the skills, talent, experience and knowledge to design, deploy and maintain world-class gardens. As a family owned business, our priority is to create lasting relationships in the communities we serve. Our bespoke services help you to achieve your dream landscape, at affordable rates. We are proud to be multiple time winners of the Royal Horticultural Society’s gold medal. We undertake projects across the country, for both residential and commercial clients. A well-maintained and beautifully designed, landscaped garden can completely transform a house or commercial building. It enhances the quality of the outdoor space, and also boosts property values.

Professionally designed gardens and grounds improve the neighbourhood and provide higher kerb values. Your property could become a landmark in the area. In Shropshire, landscapers we employ undertake a wide range of tasks. We can clear and grade the land, build/plan hard elements such as driveways, decks, patios, masonry walls, water and lighting features and more. Our team can also help you with applying pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides to keep the space lush and healthy. As a full-service company, we offer installation and maintenance work as well as design. We employ different crews for jobs such as lawn-mowing, hedge-trimming and clean-ups.

Our team of professional landscapers in Shropshire can provide advice and assistance with seasonal planting of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits if you need. We ensure that the space we create is suited to your lifestyle. If you have a family, pets and seniors who use the garden and grounds, it’s important to designate areas where they can safely relax, play and exercise. Our team pays attention to your ideas and we’re ready and willing to work with you. Get in touch with Butler Landscapes for more information on our services. When you tell us exactly what you need, we can create a customised plan for you. This helps us to provide you with a package that is aligned with your unique requirements. Some clients enjoy gardening as a hobby but would like help with the routine maintenance and chores.



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