Hillside Terrace

The garden required a social space to interact and entertain with friends and family. The north facing house created a lot of shade and the garden needed to be uplifted and transformed into a brighter garden with contemporary materials and planting pockets. A water feature was also a request from the client to enjoy while sitting in the garden.

Levels posed an interesting opportunity and the requirement for a larger lower area meant to extend into the existing lawn. Creating a rendered water feature wall with water blades to offer sensory experience as you sit within the entertaining area. This utilises the existing levels of the garden. The naturalistic cascading stone water feature also uses the existing levels and landform to enhance the garden and provide an excellent visual feature enjoyed also from the house.

The tranquil sound of the water flowing from the water blades and natural stone water feature creates a sense of calm in the garden. Contrasting materials of natural stone mixed with contemporary cedar batons, Millboard composite decking and rendered walls creating a modern garden and elevates the space to be cherished by the client. At dusk the garden is transformed by the strategically placed lighting and the fire pit area feels warm and cozy to socialise with friends and family.

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