Town House Garden

Town House Garden located in Shrewsbury with varying inaccessible levels presented an exciting challenge for our design team. Neglect and a lack of maintenance over the years made the space feel cluttered. The essence of this project was to transform the unusable space into a dynamic contemporary garden.


Influenced by geometric angles and interlocking forms the design was created to give a feeling of movement and a sense of transition between the levels. A design which needed to create varying spaces using these angles and levels to offer an enjoyable and engaging journey through the garden.
Pleached trees within raised planter positioned to provide a sense of enclosure. Sculptural bespoke water feature was located within ornamental planting offering a focal point from all angles while a floating timber bench provides a stopping off point within the garden offering views onto the lower terrace of the garden. Framed Millboard floating deck area for entertaining to be viewed from the kitchen with easy access. Access hatch installed to allow good linkage to access to the lower-level cellar when required. Primary patio area constructed with large porcelain pavers offers a space for dining and socialising on the higher terrace.
Contemporary glass balustrade with rounded hand rail offers a seamless transition and allowing views onto the lower area of the garden. Glass balustrade with stainless steel rounded hand rail to provide safety to the lower terrace and allow views onto the water feature below. A secluded area allowing space for seating and firepit to enjoy in the evenings constructed with porcelain pavers and raised planters giving a sense of enclosure. Porcelain steps connecting you through the garden with glass balustrade with stainless steel rounded hand rail for comfort and safety. Timber trellis panels breaking up the vertical surfaces painted to enhance the planting. Rendered wall 600mm either side of water feature. Rendered boundary wall with cladding 1.5M from ground level. Decorative trellis provides a contrast to the planting while giving vertical interest. The same composite material shall be used on both tiers offering continuity in the garden. Ornamental planting beds provide seasonal interest and texture within the garden. Contemporary water feature designed with geometric forms complimenting the design. Allowing the sound of water to be enjoyed within the garden and viewed from the higher terrace. Slow flowing water channeled in the trough falls into a lower pool and wraps around the raised planting bed giving elements of relaxation and offering a visual feature to be enjoyed. Ease of access to existing garden room leads onto Porcelain paved lower terraced patio. Al fresco kitchen BBQ unit to be enjoyed while entertaining friends and family. Located near to the house to allow ease of access to the kitchen.

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