Professional Garden Design in Bowdon Adds Value to Your Property

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Garden Design in Bowdon Professional garden design in Bowdon gives your property that extra value. No matter how much you enjoy gardening as a hobby, a professional has the experience and expertise to create unique designs. We know what works. Our team has the training, experience and knowledge of local conditions, soil and weather to ensure success. We prioritise our tasks according to the seasons. Some jobs need to be done immediately such as planting and pruning. Others such as removing dead plants or trees can wait. With this work strategy, we can create exactly the mood, theme and visual impact that you want.

Our team is known for our attention to detail. In Bowdon, garden design by our professional helps you to plan the right flower beds, create water bodies, install fences, lighting, and garden furniture. We create designs based on the space available, client lifestyle, amount of care required and budget. Having a professionally designed garden can boost your property value by more than 50% according to some studies. This is more than you can expect from installing a new kitchen or conservatory. Simple, effective, low maintenance garden designs are very popular in urban and semi-urban areas. They are a great investment for people who enjoy their outdoor spaces, but don’t have the skill or time to spend on care. Our firm of award-winning professionals is well-known across the Shropshire region and beyond.

Garden design in Bowdon by our professionals has been in this business for more than a quarter of a century. Our founders have wide-ranging experience in garden design, hedge laying, pesticide handling, Level 3 brick-laying, garden design and landscaping. We have won several prestigious national awards. Contact Butler Landscapes today for a free, no-obligation quote. Our clients appreciate our professional approach, with a strict attention to time and budget. We know that every site is unique and needs detailed evaluation before we start a project. We take every element of the area into consideration when we create a garden design. The entire ecosystem is put into our design so that it becomes a part of the earth. We work with you right from concept to final handover stage.



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