The Best Garden Designer in Shrewsbury Ensures the Best Results

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Makeover or new planting, our professional garden designer in Shrewsbury can ensure the best results. Butler Landscapes is a family run business that combines the best of experience, expertise and a true love of the art. There are few people who dislike gardens and gardening, but not everyone can claim to be an expert. It takes a combination of talent, knowledge, patience and sheer hard work to create the garden of your dreams. Today, in the midst of a hectic work schedule, it’s difficult for most people to find the time or gain the expertise. That is where we step in, to partner you in this delightful enterprise. Most home-owners and property developers have great ideas, but transforming them into reality is a different matter. Apart from landscape design, it’s important to give your garden the right finishing touches.

Accessories, lighting, outdoor features and seating are some of the key elements in design that can benefit from a professional touch. In Shrewsbury, garden designer services differ significantly from mere gardening or building. Professional garden designers are trained in spatial design, planting and computer-aided drawing. Designers usually work on the basis of only the design element, providing the final drawings and specifications. Ours is a one-stop firm, where we can take the design part of the project to its logical conclusion. We offer the full range of services including hedge laying, pesticide handling, bricklaying, tree growing, and more.

Our garden designer in Shrewsbury can help you to decide how best to incorporate the right design features into your green space. Contact Butler Landscapes when looking for a professional garden designer. If yours is a small or medium sized project, we can work within your budget. You may also want to keep certain features such as trees, interesting old rocks or outcroppings. We would also want to know the purpose of your garden. It may be a space that you use purely to relax in where you can enjoy nature. Or it could be an entertainment hub for family events or get-togethers with friends. If you have children, pets and seniors in the house, it’s important to create a safe and comfortable space for them.



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